Responsible Gaming in the USA

Every conscientious casino with a good reputation always takes care that the game is responsible and does not go beyond what is permissible. And this is the kind of institution you need to choose for the game.

Playing in a bookmaker's office (like any other money game) is a risk. Not everyone manages to control the process of the game and the risk, so as a result, the hobby can bring losses of significant amounts. To prevent this from happening, the concept of responsible gambling has been introduced into the betting world, and the requirements for betting companies in the USA include mandatory compliance with the rules of social responsibility.

What is responsible gaming?

Responsible betting is a way to minimize the possible negative consequences of gambling for the clients of bookmakers. The rules of responsible gambling in the USA usually provide for a set of measures to protect players from serious material losses and addiction (gambling addiction, ludomania).

For betting companies, maintaining the rules of responsible gambling is a manifestation of social responsibility. Among other things, such a set of measures provides for the possibility for the player to voluntarily either limit the amount of money that he can bet, or to protect himself from the game in principle with the help of the so-called "self-exclusion".

Concepts used

The responsibility of the casino begins with advertising. A decent operator will not try to lure users with large prizes. But positioning on the market alone is not enough, because a problem player, because of his passion, will find a site with slots on his own.

Online casino advertising

Most operators offer a welcome bonus. In practice, after registration , the following approaches are used:

The responsibility lies entirely with the player

When choosing such a strategy, the casino only informs customers about possible dependence. Users have complete freedom in terms of the number of deposits, the size of bets, and so on. Such a concept cannot be called effective — players with addiction are not able to make decisions and need help;

The responsibility lies entirely with the casino

The operator unilaterally decides to temporarily or permanently impose restrictions on a particular user. It is possible to block the account, reduce the amount of the maximum deposit and the rate. Due to such actions, the casino will lose a client who will continue to play, but on another site;

Separation of responsibilities

Among large operators, this is one of the most popular approaches, which involves a constant dialogue with the client. Managers look not only at the player's statistics, but are also ready to contact him to find out his attitude to betting, current financial situation, and so on.

Social responsibility of bookmakers: what is it?

The social responsibility of bookmakers includes many different components, including working in accordance with the law and awareness of their responsibility to customers (that is, maintaining the principles of responsible gambling).

Here are the main measures of social responsibility of bookmakers. Compliance with some of them is required by law, while others remain as if "at the discretion" of representatives of the gambling business, for example:

  • Full protection of players' personal information;
  • Countering money laundering and other criminal schemes;
  • Support of domestic sports and charity;
  • Prohibition of gambling for minors;
  • Game dependency warning;
  • Security measures for vulnerable (dependent) players.

Mandatory verification of players

If we consider the rules of virtual casinos, they must necessarily inform users about possible gaming risks, encourage players through various bonuses, loyalty programs, close access to people included in the unified blacklist due to gambling addiction. Violation of all these rules entails substantial fines and even the deprivation of the operator's license.

The fight against ludomania takes special attention in the concept of responsible play. In order to be admitted to a land-based institution or an online platform, the player must first pass verification. In the first case, the casino checks the identity card, in the second case, the user is identified by digital documents. Operators are required to strictly comply with this rule in order to prevent minors or people with gambling addiction from playing. In addition, gambling organizers should closely monitor each player, react if a person behaves inappropriately, plays for days on end, etc.

All the listed rules and principles are aimed at one thing – the formation of a proper gambling culture.

Open statistics and setting limits

A casino that adheres to the principles of social responsibility does not hide gaming statistics. The user can see how much money he has spent since registration or during the current session, as well as how much time he spent in the casino. If necessary, such a player can independently set the maximum spending limit for one visit to the casino or for a certain period of time.

When the selected limit is reached, the online casino software no longer allows the player to place bets or make deposits. Note that this tool is designed more for those users who can still curb gambling addiction on their own. Nevertheless, this tool still works successfully in many casinos.

How it works for the player

Bookmakers in the United States did not immediately adhere to the rules of responsible gambling. What is required by law is observed on all betting sites, however, some companies have gone further and, on their own initiative, have begun to take measures demonstrating their social responsibility:

  • All American online bookmakers strictly comply with the requirement to prevent minors from playing. Before admission to betting, they necessarily check each new client: for this purpose, there is a procedure for identifying an individual by documents and / or by video link;
  • There is a possibility of self-exclusion on the websites of some American BCS. Even if such an option is not announced, you can contact the administration with a request to delete your personal data;
  • Some bookmakers give players the opportunity to limit the amount of monthly deposits on their own;
  • Naturally, all bookmakers guarantee the security of the player's personal and financial data.