Another USA Online Casino Game Added With BetSoft's SugarPop ToGo

17 Jul. 2014

Over the past 18 months or so, there has been a bit of a revolution in the online slots department. Everything has shifted in a major way to being about two particular sectors of the market. The first sector is mobile, and you can see that easily since mobile is the fastest-growing sector overall in the entire Internet casino industry. The second sector is quality-based games with excellent graphics, hot gameplay and atypical features. BetSoft's newest release is the intersection of these two ideas.

The SugarPop ToGo game is the mobile version of one of the hottest games that BetSoft has produced. Coming to a USA online casino near you, this title includes all of the action and depth as the original except that it adds in better functionality for playing on mobile devices and tablets. Based on the HTML5 software platform, this is a game that's going to be sure to set the standard on what mobile slots are all about and what the competition is going to have to match if they want any chance at all of keeping up.

This game is based on a set of five reels with five rows, a format that isn't used very often. There is a lot that's atypical about this game in fact, and that includes the process of working through several levels like the Peanut Butter Plains and the Cupcake Cottage. Everything is based on a candy theme, but because the theme changes a bit as you move through the levels, it's an experience that changes itself to adapt to new circumstances as you make progress. Your progress is saved between sessions as well, and that makes it perfect for the mobile environment.

If you play at a USA online casino that uses the BetSoft software, you're going to be in for a major treat. They have some of the best software out there today because of their focus on high-quality games. With tons of 3D slots and options for taking your play on the road with their ToGo series of mobile titles, they have you covered no matter where you want to play. This is the perfect software for the American fan, so make sure to check it out no matter if you play on your computer or on your mobile device.